Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stamp2Cut from Tim Holtz

I have decided to start posting content that electric cutter users will find interesting. There are a lot of changes going on right now involving cutters and SVG's. I will try to highlight some of these situations so we can all keep up with them.

I might even through in a free cut file every now and then...LOL

Anyone have a Sizzix E-clips? Tim Holtz just made a video about his new cartridges that go along with his stamps the line is called Stamp2cut. He is introducing it at CHA and it should start shipping in March.

 I know, I am disappointed that is a cartridge based system. Look at it this way, if Tim Holtz is starting to include electric cutters in his craft line, then other companies are sure to follow suit in the future.

You can take a look at his blog post here and see the video:

Or you can just go straight to the video here:

Sizzix is also offering a version of SCAL to work with the Eclips. It is called ECAL.
You can find out more info here:

I made some heart charms over a year ago and have never used them.

You can download them here.


  1. great info thanks for sharing

  2. Good to see you are keeping the blog active. Thanks for the info

  3. I'll be honest....I was amazed/shocked when I saw this video a couple of days ago on Tim's blog. I suppose that I say this next thing for lack of understanding this direction that Sizzix took with Tim's product line and the e-clips. This move by Sizzix was obviously a direct result of not being able to sell many of the e-clips units. Tim Holtz doesn't have a problem at all with selling anything, so just attach his name to the e-clips and now they will fly off the shelves. Good for Sizzix. Bad for others. We bought the Vagabond and at least I was under the impression that his product line would be supportive for his (already) die cutting machine that people (already) purchased. Certainly there are other types of dies that Sizzix could have produced, allowing pretty much for the same thing the e-clips can do, with less effort (and expense) on the user end. I think what amazes me more is how many people are falling for it by drooling over a machine they had no interest in until now. Marketing genius at its best. I'll give Sizzix that much, anyway. But Tim disappointed me with this release, sorry to say.

  4. I decided to go with the Cameo to replace my Cricut because of it didn't require cartridges so the E-clips wasn't even in the running. At first I had issues with Cameo not cutting but their customer service is great and they sent me a replacement blade right away and haven't had a problem with it since. I do hear good things about the e-clips tho.

  5. Gail...I agree with hearing the good things being said about the e-clips and I'm sure it's a wonderful die cutting machine. I've watched a few review videos prior to Tim's blog post and have read different things online about the machine. Really, Tim's release just took me by surprise in a not so good way. I was just hoping to be able to add to my collection of what I've already acquired from his line without having to reinvent the financial wheel by having to invest in another machine, coupled with the additional expenses that go along with it (cutting mats, cartridges, etc...). But, I'm with you on the Cameo. If I do decide to get rid of my Expression, I would (most likely) pick up the Cameo.

  6. Janine, sorry if this news upsets you. I am sure Tim Holtz and Sizzix will continue to produce dies for the Vagabond. That is Tim's "baby". I can't see him abandoning it. In fact Sizzix is already planning to release new TH dies soon. You can check them out at their website.
    Who knows what the motivation is behind the stamp2cut release. (Let's face it, every craft company out there has an agenda when it comes down to making money) I don't own an Eclips, nor do I plan to ever buy one. (I am too thrilled with my Black Cat and would NEVER go back to a cartridge based system) I am still a little excited about this news though because I feel like the electric cutting community is FINALLY getting some way overdue attention from other, established craft companies.

  7. Well... Timmy is a business man to say the least and who can blame him? haha. He found something he's good at and ran with it and I so jealous of him for doing so. Not really, well maybe a little. He's been working with Sizzex so I'm not surprised that they banned together and found something the both of them can sell to us crazies out here. HA! And there's a lot of us too. I think the Cricut has shied me away from even considering another machine that uses the cartridges so when I found out the e-clips had them I didn't take a second look. I am also envious for those people of whom I won't that have a Black Cat as I hear nothing but great things on that one too but for my budget the Cameo was the way for me to go and who knew that it would even save me more money in the long run not having to buy up Tim's bright ideas? I like Jani's ideas and her's keep me busy besides her prices are perfect! Great conversations gals!

  8. I was looking for an electronic cutter last year. I picked the Sizzix eclips after seeing the introduction of the ecal software (Sure Cuts A Lot for eclips) at CHA 2011. I'm thrilled to be able to use a combination of cartridges AND SVGs. I have recently been scanning images and using the Print2Cut feature with great success - the ecal software works like a dream. So excited about the Tim Holtz Stamp2Cut feature. Really hoping other artists will start making cutting options for their stamps, too. Best of all, using cartridge or SVG, the eclips is one of the few machines in my house that has exceeded my expectations.