Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Challenge #4 Trick or Treat

Hello  paper crafters! Have we got a treat for you this week. Actually, it is a 
(You get to choose which one you want to do)

If you choose TREAT, you can make any craft project with the candy files and hopefully tell us who will get your gift.

If you choose TRICK, you will BOO! someone and use the BOO! bucket and door hanger files that I will supply.

If you want to BOO! a friend, here is what you do:

Make a BOO! door hanger telling them they have been "BOOED!"
Make a BOO! bucket and fill it with treats.
Copy the Boo! poem and instructions
Sneak up to a friend's door and leave the sweet treats and the door hanger to let them know just who told them "BOO!"

Here is a look at the poem I wrote and DT member Cheryl typed up for us
So how do you get these exciting files?????
Just email me, Jani, at papercompulsions@gmail.com and tell me which project you would like to to. 
Pick "TRICK" and I will send you the cut files for the door hanger, small BOO! bucket, the poem, and the instructions.

Pick "TREAT" and I will send you the files for the  candy cut files and a cute Frankenstein treat cup like the one Gail used below. 

Just to get you started, here are some "BOO" captions that you can download. 

Now let's see some pictures of what the design team has put together.
I already showed you one of Cheryl's pictures.
Here are a few more.

So, decide which project you would like to enter and email me 

Then link your project up below.


  1. super cute...I love them all!!! Great Job DT!!!
    Eva :0)

  2. great job on this fun challenge dt you rock. love them all

  3. Here's what I did with the door hanger file. http://lisaspaperaddiction.blogspot.com/2011/10/door-hanger-treat.html
    Thanks for sharing these files. Great challenge!

  4. adorable!!
    getting ready to link up my project

  5. Here is my project....could not get the link to work

  6. I snagged the boo files and thank you for another super cute set!!
    I would LOVE to participate in this challenge, because I'd like to "Boo" my mom, but I just don't know if I'll be able to get everything unpacked in time!! :(
    Just can't wait til moving is over and it's all done!
    The DT samples are SUPER!!!